2022 Student Section: Somayya Saleemi

Statement of Intent
Hello/Bonjour! My name is Somayya Saleemi (she/her) and I am applying for the Administration and Finance Executive position. I wish to become involved in the Student Section of the CPA again, as I was during my Undergrad, and believe this role would be a good fit. I have a clear vision of what my contribution would look like within the Student Section. My past skills and experiences would serve me well in this role. I have served as an executive on the Student Section in the past, as Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer (USAO), which required many of the same skills. If elected, this experience, along with having taken on executive roles in various other student-led organizations,  affords me the ability to hit the ground running. I communicate clearly, am detail-oriented and organized, which are fundamental in this role to keep meetings on track and recorded accurately, and in maintaining the budget responsibly. I am systematic, efficient, and methodical, which will allow me to complete tasks like the preparation of meeting minutes, maintaining documents, and ensuring members and executives are on track to meet necessary deadlines. Having served as both Campus representative at York University as well as the USAO on the executive, I understand the needs of both the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Affairs Officers, and will be able to assist with the Student Representative Program. I hope to make it easier for executives and members to stay informed and connected within the Student Section, and the CPA at large. I maintain a professional work environment and my ability to collaborate easily with others facilitates my approachability and willingness to learn and connect with peers at all levels of the CPA. Lastly, as a visible minority, I hope to bring a unique perspective and diversity to the team.
Somayya Saleemi (she/her) completed her Hons. BSc. in Psychology from York University in Toronto, followed by an Ontario Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research from Humber College. Her professional experiences include working as a Research Coordinator at Baycrest Hospital on projects examining the effects of Bilingualism on aging and cognition. She has also worked as a Research Ethics Analyst with The Hospital for Sick Children’s Research Ethics Department aiding in the oversight, management, and approval of a variety of research ethics applications. As a Program Assistant for Erinoakkids Centre for Treatment and Development, she has experience with children that have a diagnosis of behavioral and developmental disabilities, within the Respite program.  Originally from Toronto, and a huge Leafs fan, she is excited to continue her academic journey in Ottawa. Currently, she is a Doctoral student at the University of Ottawa in the Clinical Psychology program, and plans to pursue her research interests in cognitive neuroscience and aging during her graduate studies. Other areas of interest include child psychology, clinical neuropsychology, as well as research ethics. She is serving as a first year clinical representative on UOttawa’s Graduate Association of Students in Psychology, and is a facilitator with a campus organization called One in Five geared towards raising mental health awareness and providing education/resources on campus, and its surrounding community. She has extensive past experience within the Student Section as the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer, the Campus representative at York University, and having served on the Editorial Board for the student run MINDPad. She has attended, participated in, and presented at several conferences, including the CPA conferences in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto.  She is passionate about issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. She loves to go on hikes and has three cats named Potter, Weasley, and Hermione.