2022 Student Section: Juliana Khoury

Statement of Intent
I am very interested in becoming the Communications Executive for the CPA Student Section. I feel that my involvement with the CPA, through presenting at annual conventions, the mentorship program, and my role as associate editor for <em>Mind Pad, </em>have been instrumental in fostering relationships with peers across the country, and I would like to continue to strengthen my involvement. I also keenly believe that the CPA Student Section does important outreach, advocacy, and networking work, and I would like to further contribute to that work through the position of Communications Executive. I firmly believe that many of my experiences would make me an asset in this position. I am comfortable reading, writing, and speaking both English and French, which I think is a serious asset for a communications executive in a bilingual organization. I am a strong writer, having honed my skills during my Bachelor of Humanities degree. I have worked as a lab coordinator, which involved communicating with lab members, researchers from other labs, participants, and the public; and administrative work, including editing. I have served on several boards and executives, both professional and volunteer, so I have relevant experience in that area. In my political volunteer work, I have worked on several election days, and thus have experience that would be an asset for working to maintain the online voting system. Finally, several of my personal qualities would serve me well in this position. I am highly organized, both with my time as well as with my materials. I work well under pressure and am diligent and dedicated. I also have strong interpersonal skills and am a good communicator. I am keenly interested in this opportunity. I would be honoured to have this position and believe that I would do good work. Thank you for your consideration.
Prior to beginning her studies in Psychology, Juliana completed a Bachelor of Humanities (Honours) at Carleton University, including a year abroad at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven’s Institute of Philosophy. In her third year, she realized her desire to become a clinical psychologist, so after graduating, she completed an accelerated Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Psychology with a Special Concentration in Forensic Psychology at St. Francis Xavier University. Her thesis investigated risk perception of sexual victimization among female undergraduates. She is now in the first year of her Master’s in Clinical Psychology at the University of Regina. Her thesis will examine gender differences in mental disorder symptoms among RCMP, and the role of sexual assault and harassment in those differences. She is excited to have the opportunity to work on a project that focuses on her two primary interests: mental health among public safety personnel, and sexual violence. In addition to her thesis work, Juliana is working on a diverse array of research projects, including on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, wrongful convictions in Canada, anxiety sensitivity and posttraumatic stress disorder, and intolerance of uncertainty and smartphone use. Juliana hopes to one day work in academia, with her research focusing on the prevention of both mental health disorder symptoms among public safety personnel, and sexual violence. In her personal time, Juliana enjoys cooking, playing piano, board games, and going for long walks. She also enjoys being involved in politics and local theatre.