2022 Student Section: Rachel Lee

Statement of Intent
I am applying for the position of Communications Executive. In my experience as a graduate student, I have had the opportunity to speak to students through my Teaching Assistantships and have found that many of them have questions about education and careers in psychology. When I was an undergraduate student, I also had many questions and did not know where to turn. I would like to hold the position of Communications Executive to be able to help questioning and interested students and give them information regarding the usefulness of being part of the CPA. This position stands out to me as being consistent with my skills and interests. In addition, I feel as though being part of the CPA Student Executive would help foster my existing skills and allow me to engage in networking with students and professionals across the country. I feel I am qualified for this position as I have strong writing and editing skills, which is key to proofreading Section documents and communications. I also have a creative, artistic eye to maintain the website and Section News in an appealing and engaging manner. My teaching experience through TAships, private music lessons and tutoring, and working at a summer camp has given me interpersonal skills that would help me excel in being the main contact point for students in, or interested in, psychology. In addition, my leadership experience as a Program Director for a summer camp and as the president of a student group at Memorial University has given me the skills required for effective coordination and communication of all aspects of this position. I welcome the added responsibility and integrity that this position requires.
I am in my first year of a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) with a Health and Wellness focus. I previously completed a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology, also from MUN. My research interests are broadly clinical and health psychology, but specifically sleep, feeding and eating disorders, and psychosocial oncology. Under the supervision of Dr. Sheila Garland, I have the opportunity to engage in a wide array of cancer research. In my masters thesis, I am exploring the use of cannabis as a sleep aid for Canadian cancer survivors, which is an area we know little about. I am also coordinating a study that examines the cognitive impairment and wellbing of breast cancer survivors up to three years after their diagnosis. I am responsible for scheduling and conducting assessments with breast cancer survivors as well as data entry. After completing my MSc, my goal is to pursue a PhD or PsyD in clinical psychology so I can work as a registered clinical psychologist. Outside of my studies, I enjoy drawing digital art, singing, cooking, and hiking with friends.