2022 Nominations: Eleanor Gittens

Nominee Statement for Eleanor Gittens seeking the Director Representing Education Position

The importance of education is seen in every aspect of our lives. While higher education improves the state of a person’s life, it is also integral when seeking advances in equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging (EDI&B). Education is not just required at an individual level but also at the group or organizational, societal and global level. It can be used to teach people about human rights, cultural differences and the enduring impact of discrimination and prejudice. I have been actively involved in this pursuit for the last two years in my role as a professor in the college level degree program, a position I have held since 2014. I am also involved in much committee and board work from research ethics to diversifying course learning outcomes.

I joined the CPA in April 2015 and am the currently Director-at- Large, Police Psychology Representative in the Criminal Justice Psychology Section as well as member of the newly formed Section on Black Psychology. I am also a member of the Human Rights and Social Justice in Psychology Committee and the Education and Training Committee. The Canadian Psychological Association is actively on a path to improving the face of formal, non-formal and informal education of its future and current members and I would be honoured to be a part of the driving force facilitating this paradigm shift. While I am still quite ‘new’ to the CPA but I believe that I have much to offer in the role of Director Representing Education.