2022 Nominations: Anita Gupta

Nominee Statement for Anita Gupta seeking the Director at-Large Position

I am honoured and humbled to be nominated to run for Director-at-Large.

I am a clinical, health, rehabilitation psychologist registered in Ontario. I earned my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Kent State University following undergraduate studies at University of Toronto. I completed my predoctoral internship in Halifax. I continue to benefit from connections with peer psychologists across the country.

I am a Wellness Consultant for postgraduate trainees at University of Toronto (on parental leave) and also have a small private practice. I have worked in medical and mental health settings. I have supervised trainees, participated in program evaluation and research, and created and facilitated educational offerings. I value bidirectional consultation with other healthcare providers and truly interdisciplinary care.

Psychologists and those we serve benefit from our building strong, respectful networks with other professionals. This helps us to better care and advocate for not only our patients, students and the public who often navigate through complex systems but also our own profession.

When the pandemic started, I approached CPA to offer my help and received a welcoming response. I created a webinar and Psychology Works document. This led to other opportunities to speak with and create content for healthcare providers across the country. I have also been saying yes to media requests about topics including burnout and meaningful workplace benefits.

Professionally, I strive to practice in alignment with CPA’s mission that incorporates “service of society through advocacy, support and collaboration.” I would be honoured to do so as a Director-at-Large for CPA.