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Science Up First Continues The Fight Against Disinformation With Dr. Krishana Sankar

Science Up First Continues The Fight Against Disinformation With Dr. Krishana Sankar
Dr. Krishana Sankar returns to Mind Full to talk about the science and data around vaccines and COVID-19. Dr. Sankar and the other experts at Science Up First are continuing to combat online disinformation, which is ever-changing and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

Pandemic Disinformation, Suicide, and Science Up First With Dr. Tyler Black

Pandemic Disinformation, Suicide, and Science Up First With Dr. Tyler Black
Dr. Tyler Black is a psychiatrist who specializes in suicidology. When, early in the pandemic, wild claims were being made about the spike in suicide we were sure to see as a result of lockdowns, he pushed back with his expertise in the field (spoiler alert – he was right, and suicide actually decreased). He became one of the experts at Science Up First, combatting disinformation online.

Science Brief: Behavioural Science Principles for Enhancing Adherence to Public Health Measures

This Science Brief was prepared on behalf of the Ontario Behavioural Science Working Group and the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table.

The brief describes how we can use behavioural science principles to maintain and enhance adherence to public health messaging, including promising strategies to increase effective masking and physical distancing.

Read the Science Brief

Silver Linings From the Pandemic: Ending Psychology Month 2021 on a positive note

Silver Linings From the Pandemic: Ending Psychology Month on a positive note
Psychology Month has focused on dozens of aspects of the pandemic, a global catastrophe that is deeply tragic. To close out Psychology Month 2021, we focus on a few positives that have come about as a result of COVID-19.

Psychology Month 2021 – some of the psychologists doing interesting things during the pandemic

Psychology Month - some of the psychologists doing interesting things during the pandemicSome of the psychologists doing interesting things during the pandemic
Meet some of the psychologists who have been profiled in this Psychology Month. We speak with Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood, Dr. Christine Chambers, Courtney Gosselin and Dr. Mélanie Joanisse about their work during the pandemic.

An Interview with Dr. Maya Yampolsky

Maya Yampolsky
Dr. Maya Yampolsky spoke to us about the intersection of the pandemic and both structural and overt racism. It was too much to put into just one profile, so we are sharing the whole conversation on Mind Full.

An Interview with Dr. Steven Taylor

Steven Taylor
Dr. Steven Taylor of UBC was the first person to identify a need for a comprehensive look at the psychology surrounding pandemics. His book, “The Psychology of Pandemics: Preparing for the next Global Outbreak of Infectious Disease” was published presciently in October of 2019, a month before the first COVID-19 case appeared in Wuhan.

Audio Update: Suicide Prevention Day with Dr. Marnin Heisel

Suicide Prevention Day PosterDr. Marnin Heisel co-wrote the CPA Fact Sheet on suicide, and also co-wrote the Canadian media guidelines for the reporting on suicide. He joins us to talk pandemic, advocacy, and moving forward with a National Suicide Prevention Strategy.

Audio Update: Dr. Heather Prime on Risk and Resilience in Family Well-Being during COVID-19

Dr. Heather Prime and two colleagues collaborated on a paper called “Risk and Resilience in Family Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic”. They turned to previous crises (natural disasters, economic crashes, etc) to better understand where families are at and may be headed during COVID-19. You can find their paper here: psycnet.apa.org/fulltext/2020-34995-001.html

CPA Input on Federal COVID-19 Emergency Response Programs (April 2020)

The CPA sent a letter to the Federal Minister of Finance, The Honourable Bill Morneau, outlining its serious concerns that members in private practice were not eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), and the Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECRA) program. The CPA was pleased to see changes in the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) program which expands the payroll threshold from $50,000 to $200,000 to be eligible for a maximum loan of $40,000.

Thoughts on Record: Podcast of the Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

The Ottawa Institute of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has a podcast covering many of the psychological impacts of COVID-19. Interviews with Dr. Kim Corace, Dr. Keith Dobson, and many others can be heard here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/811163

Audio Update: Dr. Khush Amaria discusses the Stronger Minds online platform

Dr. Khush Amaria and her colleagues at Mind Beacon have launched a free online mental health resource for the time of the COVID pandemic. Stronger Minds has many videos and interactive features designed to support mental health and assist those who need help.

Audio Update: Dr. Brent MacDonald about coping during COVID

Quick chat with Dr. Brent MacDonald of MacDonald Psychology Group in Calgary. Dr. MacDonald discusses coping strategies we can all use during the pandemic, and remaining hopeful about the good things that can eventually arise as a result.