Audio Update: Karen Cohen pro-bono initiative

Quick chat with CPA CEO Dr. Karen Cohen, who answers some questions we’ve received about the pro-bono initiative to provide psychological services to front line health care providers across Canada.

Karen Cohen pro-bono initiative

Karen Cohen pro-bono initiative

A child and youth psychologist wants to help out – what can they do?

Because the scope of the service is to provide help to adult health care workers, it’s important that whoever signs on has that competency. Obviously psychologists who work with families and kids have important contributions to make. But given the initiative is aimed at adults, it will be important that anyone who signs on has the competency to work with that age group.

We’re also getting some questions from Quebec – a lot of psychologists there want to sign on. Is there a different process for them?

Everything’s been translated – the materials, the lists, you’ll notice that on the listings [of psychologists who have signed on to do pro-bono work with front line health care providers] some key things. The psychologist’s name, their coordinates, where they’re licensed, and what languages they speak. So absolutely! Un grand bienvenue à nos collègues à Québec – we welcome your participation, and that would be a huge contribution!