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Donate Your Time to a CPA Activity

CPA as an association is its members and the wealth of expertise, skill and knowledge they possess and share. Consider lending your time and expertise to a CPA activity: run for election to the Board of Directors, join the executive of a CPA Section, or volunteer to sit on a Board Task Force or Committee. This work brings tremendous opportunity to make a contribution to organized psychology in Canada and to the impact the science and practice of psychology has on public policy. 

Click on any of the links below for information on how you can become involved in CPA:

For more information on these and the wealth of other opportunities within CPA, you may also contact CPA Head Office at

Donate to Advocacy

One of CPA’s mandates is to promote the science and practice of the discipline and profession of psychology. Advocacy is a key activity for CPA and takes many forms. Examples of our advocacy for Science include meeting with Canada’s granting councils about funding for psychological research, participating as a Steering Committee member of the Canadian Consortium of Research in the development of pre-budget briefs and convening meetings with members of Parliament. Examples of our advocacy for Practice include preparing briefs and position papers on health and social policy issues and activities of government and presenting these to House of Commons and Standing Senate Committees or meeting with Ministers and ministerial staff, either on our own behalf, or as a member of one of our many practice alliances (e.g. Health Action Lobby, Mental Health Table, Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health). An advocacy activity for both practice and science that is on the agenda for 2010 is the development of workshops and continuing education for members on advocacy, public policy, and government relations. Your donation will help defray the costs associated with engaging consultants (e.g. government relations, public policy, health economists) to help in the development of advocacy briefs and strategies and in delivering workshops and training to members. Information on current advocacy activities on behalf of Science and Practice can be found at and Your donations are appreciated.

Donate to CPA’s International Relations Activities

The CPA participates in international activity in the service of the science and practice of psychology through several venues. One is through its International Relations Committee (IRC), struck by the Board of Directors of CPA to help organized psychology in Canada respond to international issues and opportunities that affect the discipline. Another is in its support of the Canadian National Committee which was created through an agreement between the CPA and the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), which jointly support Canada’s affiliation with the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS). Further, CPA through its Executive Officers develops and maintains a number of international agreements in support of science, the  practice and education of psychology (e.g. Memoranda of Understanding on accreditation).

Making a Donation

When making a donation, please indicate whether you want to direct your funds to one or more of the following: 

  • Science
  • Practice
  • International Relations

You may make a donation during your membership renewal process. Should you wish to make a donation outside of this time-frame, please contact