CPA/APA Membership Agreement

The Canadian Psychological Association and the American Psychological Association have agreed on a joint dues arrangement that can provide substantial saving for those individuals who wish to belong to both organizations.

Any Fellow or Full Member of CPA, residing in Canada, may become a member of APA (if otherwise eligible) at 50% of the ordinary annual rate for the class of membership. Conversely, any Fellow or Member of APA, residing in the United States, may become a Member of CPA (if otherwise eligible) at 50% of the ordinary CPA annual dues rate for the class of membership.

The processing of applications and payment of dues are handled by the respective Association. Application form and dues payment for APA should be forwarded to the following address: 

750 First Street, N.E.
Washington, DC
Tel: (202) 336-5500 or 1-800-374-2721.

Members or Fellows who take advantage of the CPA-APA Membership Agreement are entitled to a subscription to Psynopsis and Canadian Psychology (CP).

They can also join any of the CPA Sections and the Special Interest Group. Additional fees apply.