Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (CJEP)

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CJEP Open Call for Special Issues

CJEP is now issuing an open call for special issue proposals, to be considered for three deadlines per year by the senior editorial team—September 15December 31, and June 15. Note that if you are considering submitting a special issue proposal, you are welcome to optionally reach out to Editor Debra Titone ahead of time to discuss and refine your idea.

Each proposal should be no more than two pages, single spaced, and should address the following.

  • title of special issue;
  • description and rationale of special issue;
  • guest editor(s) names, affiliations, and description of their background relevant to organizing the special issue;
  • will the special issue be invited papers or involve and open call, and why (note we prefer open calls where possible);
  • list of hypothetical researchers in Canada and beyond who might submit a paper to the special issue; and
  • anticipated deadline for letters of intent to submit, and final manuscript submission.

Article Submissions:

2022 Award for Best Journal Article, Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology / Revue canadienne de psychologie expérimentale (RCPE)

Congratulations to Rebekah L. Corpuz and Chris Oriet: Within-person variability contributes to more durable learning of faces,
(2022, Vol 76(4), pp. 270-282),  winner of the 2022 CPA Best Article Award in the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (CJEP) / Revue canadienne de psychologie expérimentale (RCPE).

The CJEP Best Article Award is co-sponsored by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) and the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS).

Members can download the full article via APA PsycNet® through their member account:

Introducing the editor of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, Dr. Titone!

Debra“In addition to preserving its history, I am interested in broadening CJEP’s scope in a few ways. I would like to see submissions that address, among other topics, developmental phenomena, comparative cognition, and cognitive neuroscience approaches, as well as work that advances cognitive theory through the study of diverse populations or applied real-world social or technological challenges. I believe the journal can benefit from the contributions of authors and reviewers who have a wide variety of lived experiences and for their articles to address experimental questions about cognitive or perceptual phenomena that are relevant to these diverse experiences and perspectives.”

Debra Titone, PhD
Editor of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology


The Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology publishes original research papers that advance understanding of the field of experimental psychology, broadly considered. This includes, but is not restricted to, cognition, perception, motor performance, attention, memory, learning, language, decision making, development, comparative psychology, and neuroscience.

The Journal will publish: a) Standard Papers that present theory, data, and techniques that advance knowledge in a particular research area; b) Rapid Communications (less than 3,000 words in the main text) that give authors an opportunity to publish new techniques and exciting experimental results quickly and at an early stage of research; c) Reviews that present a broad, integrative, and evaluative assessment about theory and data; and d) Registered Reports that give researchers a principled and productive route to investigate controversial topics and address issues of replication and reproducibility.

Occasionally, the Journal will publish book reviews judged to be of broad interest to the experimental psychology research community.

The Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology is published quarterly (March, June, September, December).

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Editorial Team

Editor Debra Titone, Ph.D., McGill University
Associate Editors Myra Fernandes, Ph.D., University of Waterloo
Marc Joanisse, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario
Ben Dyson, Ph.D., University of Alberta
Managing Editor: Lauren Thompson, Ph.D., Canadian Psychological Association


Instructions to Authors

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology manuscript submission portal.

Masked Review Policy

Masked review are optional. If requesting a masked review, indicate that in the cover letter. Do not include authors’ names and affiliations on the title page. Instead, place this information in the cover letter, which is not seen by reviewers. Remove footnotes that identify the authors from the manuscript and include them in the cover letter. Make every effort to see that the manuscript itself contains no clues to authors’ identities.


For permission to use previously published text, tests or portions of tests, tables, or figures please contact us by email ( or phone (613-237-2144, ext. 337; toll free in Canada / numéro sans frais: 1-888-472-0657 ext. 337).
Please note that all rights are reserved, including publication, retransmission, broadcast, posting to newsgroups, etc. Reproduction or redistribution is prohibited, except with the prior written approval. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or publication strictly prohibited. Permission fees are $50.00 + applicable taxes. Payments can be made by VISA or MasterCard only. Permissions are for one use only. If you would like to request permission for the same article to be used more than once, please advise CPA.