New Position Statement: Promotion of Gender Diversity and Expression and Prevention of Gender-Related Hate and Harm

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) through its Code of Ethics and policy statements, has long held a commitment to human rights, social justice, and the dignity of persons. Despite this commitment, echoed in amendments to Canada’s Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, gender-based stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination continue to persist across social systems and services (e.g., education, health, justice).

With the rise of gender minority hate and violence worldwide, this policy statement outlines the discrimination that people of gender minority face, as well as the changes that need to be made to redress it. The CPA commits to helping to bring about these changes and calls on legislators, policy makers, and agencies and individuals who deliver health and social services to assert their commitments to join us.

View the full Position Statement here (PDF).

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