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    About the Practice Directorate

    The Practice Directorate operates under the oversight of a Council made up of representatives from the provincial and territorial associations.  CPA, through its Director of Professional Affairs, also has a seat on the Council. The Council functions as an autonomous body that is accountable to the CPA Board for matters relating to policy and finance. The Council is led by a Chair appointed from among the provincial and territorial representatives of psychology. Because the interests and activities of national and provincial/territorial advocacy overlap, the Council works closely and collaboratively with CPA’s Chief Executive Officer and Senior staff.

    Our Mandate

    The Practice Directorate’s mandate is to support and facilitate advocacy across provinces and territories by:
    • coordinating and centralizing information and resources about the practice of psychology across Canada (e.g. advocacy initiatives, information about scopes of practice and licensed acts, legislation and changes to legislation affecting the practice of psychology);
    • coordinating advocacy initiatives and strategies that are common and can be commonly implemented across jurisdictions; and
    • organizing advocacy and leadership training for provincial and territorial leaders of psychology.

    Practice Directorate Council

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    Terms of Reference

    Practice Directorate Terms of Reference


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