Finding the Psychologist For You

How Do I Find the Psychologist For Me?

People often access psychologists through local clinics and hospitals, upon referral from their family physicians, or upon the recommendation of friends, family members, religious leaders and teachers. Provincial and territorial associations of psychologists also often maintain referral services and can direct you to psychologists in your jurisdiction who work with problems such as yours. CPA maintains a listing of all the Provincial and Territorial Associations of Psychology.

Although you may need a referral from a physician to see a psychologist on staff at a hospital, you can self-refer to psychologists in private practice.

In addition to choosing a regulated practitioner such as a psychologist, you want to choose one with whom you feel comfortable. It is very important to psychological work that the client and psychologist have a good rapport and develop a good working relationship. As is the case with any other kind of professional, one practitioner might be a good fit for one person but not a good fit for someone else.

Once you have established the practitioner’s credentials, the best way to determine if he or she is right for you is to use your feelings as a gauge. Does this person appear kind, understanding and non-judgmental? Do you feel listened to and uniquely appreciated? If not, perhaps you need to try someone else who might be a better fit.