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Treatment Guidelines

Provided by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies prepared by experts in each field and intended to assist clinicians who provide treatment for adults, adolescents and children with PTSD:

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the treatment of PTSD
Recommended interventions for the treatment of PTSD in adults provided by the American Psychological Association

Research Resources

Natural Disaster Resources

Psychosocial Documents to Assist Disaster Mental Health Workers
Information about resources below was provided by International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies & Raymond Lafond.

Personal services: psychosocial planning for disasters
Manual to assist in planning the delivery of psychosocial services – also describes psychosocial reactions of adults, children, and elderly and how to help:
Responding to stressful events: helping children cope
Brochure on how to help children aged 1-6 and 7-11 after a disaster:

Responding to stressful events: how to help adolescents cope
Brochure on how to help adolescents cope after a major disaster:

Responding to stressful events: taking care of ourselves, our families and our communities
Brochure on how to look after ourselves, our family and our community when a major disaster strikes:

These brochures were published by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa (Ontario) K1A 0K9. The content can be reproduced at no expense for educational non-profit purposes, or as part of an awareness initiative, as long as its source is fully acknowledged. For more information concerning the psychosocial aspect of preparedness in situations of emergency, please consult the manual Emergency Response Services at the following link:

Professional Networks

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network launched in May 2003 and is mainly used for professional networking. As of February 2009, it had more than 35 million registered users.

ResearchGate allows users to post their profiles and link up with contacts. They may also include information such as publications, research skills and other useful information. Tools for collaborating, such as virtual conferencing, are coming soon.

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