Summary of Executive Member Duties

All current affiliates of the Section for Students are eligible to apply to stand as a candidate and to vote in the annual Section for Student Executive elections. To be eligible to apply for any position on the Section Executive, the applicant must (a) be a current member of the Section for Students, and (b) must remain a Student Affiliate of CPA for the full term of the position (see below), and therefore is only eligible if he or she intends to remain a student in a psychology program at a Canadian university. Additional details about the eligibility criteria and the election process can be found in the CPA Section for Students By-Laws.

The terms begin immediately following the annual business meeting of the Section for Students at the annual CPA convention. Executive positions have 2-year terms, with the exception of the Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair positions which are 3-year terms whereby the newly elected candidate will spend one year as Chair-Elect (year 1) before automatically moving on to Chair (year 2), and finally Past-Chair (year 3).

Roles and Responsibilities