Mind Pad Editorial Board Profiles

Mind Pad Editorial Board, 2020-2021


Alexandra Richard
McGill University
Email: pastchair.cpastudentsection@gmail.com

Alexandra Richard is a fourth-year PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Her research focuses on investigating the mechanisms by which perfectionism acts as a cognitive-personality vulnerability factor that places individuals at greater risk for decreased well-being, anxiety, and depression. Her clinical training has focused on working with adults with mood, anxiety, and eating disorders. In her spare time, Alexandra enjoys listening to country music and spending time with family, friends, and her two dogs. Alexandra joined the CPA Student Executive as Chair-Elect in 2018, was the Section Chair for the 2019-2020 year, and will be wrapping up her three-year term as Past Chair and Editor-in-Chief of Mind Pad for the 2020-2021 year.

Associate Editors

Aiden Mehak (McGill University)
Aiden is a PhD student in the clinical psychology program at McGill University. Her research interests center on eating pathology and her dissertation is investigating the experience of “feeling fat” in individuals with and without eating disorders. Aiden has been a reviewer with Mind Pad since 2018 and a CPA student member since 2016. In her free time, Aiden enjoys powerlifting, breakfast food, and television.

Enoch Leung (McGill University)
Enoch Leung is a doctoral candidate in the Human Development program within the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology at McGill University. Generally, his research focuses on the intersectionality of education at different systemic levels, grounded in Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory, with youths who experience marginalization, specifically those with disability and those who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ population. Aspects of educator attitudes and beliefs, curricular changes, and policy implementation are investigated in relation to the causes and effects for youths’ mental health and psychological well-being. Interspersed within his research, he is mindful of and grounds methodology to provide a space to voice the concerns of those marginalized communities who are unheard and oppressed. Outside of research, Enoch has worked in various educational institutions at the high school, CEGEP, and university level to foster a safer space for students through a collaborative relationship to overcome their barriers and creating positive learning experiences.

Alyssa Saiphoo (Ryerson University)
Alyssa is a fourth year PhD student at Ryerson University in Toronto. Her doctoral research is investigating social comparisons of facial attractiveness. She is also interested in the impact of traditional and social media on various aspects of wellbeing. Alyssa has been a student member of the CPA since she began her graduate education in 2015. She has previously served as a reviewer for MindPad, and is excited for the opportunity to be more involved in the publication process. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys reading, staying active, and trying to convince her friends and family to try her vegan food.

Ryan Yeung (University of Waterloo)
Ryan is a PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Waterloo. His research is focused on recurrent memories, their links to mental health, and the cognitive mechanisms supporting them. Other interests include computational methods of analyzing autobiographical memory. Outside of his research, he’s a fan of hipster music, hipster tabletop role-playing games, and insisting that he’s not actually a hipster.


Anna Hudson (University of Waterloo)

Bethany Nightingale (Ryerson University)

Brady Roberts (University of Waterloo)

Bronwyn Lamond (University of Toronto)

Catherine Pare (McGill University)

Chad Nichol (Laurentian University)

Chris Cook (University of British Columbia)

Cody Fogg (University of Regina)

Dalainey Drakes (Memorial University)

Daniel Di Palma (University of Guelph)

Fiona Cunningham (Fielding Graduate University)

Joshua Tippe (University of Alberta)

Kayla Hollett (Concordia University)

Kesaan Kandasamy (Ryerson University)

Laura Herman (Ryerson University)

Leah Chadwick (University of Calgary)

Lucas Walters (University of Ottawa)

Maya Atlas (Ryerson University)

Parky Lau (Ryerson University)

Patrick Racine (University of Ottawa)

Quinta Seon (McGill University)

Ratanak Ly (Adler University)

Rebecca Lewinson (York University)

Ryan Cook (Saint Mary’s University)

Samantha Ayers-Glassey (University of Waterloo)

Sasha Elbaz (Concordia University)

Sophie Barriault (Moncton University)

Thipiga Sivayoganathan (University of Western Ontario)

Véra-Line Montreuil (Université du Québec en Outaouais)

Virginia Dowdell (Yorkville University)

Yadurshana Sivashankar (University of Waterloo)

Historical Contributors

Rana Pishva

Rana Pishva (Founder)

I believe that students should be proactive in their education, and ultimately, MindPad is about creating learning opportunities. In proposing the project, I wanted to create a platform where psychology students could sharpen their writing skills, experience the editing and publication process, and learn to critically review articles. I wanted MindPad to be a safe and enriching environment where students could grow professionally. The CPA head office was exceptionally supportive of the project, and MindPad was born with the help of my colleagues, Karen Cohen, Brenden Sommerhalder, and Tyler Stacey-Holmes (just to name a few). I was excited to witness students’ enthusiasm to write or edit for MindPad. As the Editor-in-Chief, I met interesting people, learned about the editing process, and gained confidence in my professional skills.

I am currently a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. My research and clinical interests are child psychopathology, with a focus on parents’ role in the treatment of childhood anxiety disorders. I also work with youth who have experienced trauma, as well as forensic populations. As an avid yogi, I initiated a project to explore the use of Yoga as a complementary therapeutic approach. Since leaving MindPad, I continued to write about my experiences and observations as a graduate student in a blog, “Average: Chronicles of a PhD” (http://averagechronicles.wordpress.com/).

I encourage students to seek and create opportunities to grow as professionals,

Rana Pishva