History of Psychology in Canada

The CPA Archives website was created to facilitate historical scholarship. The material presented includes both procedural and factual information, and is meant to serve as a general guide and a source of information for both novice and experienced researchers.

Donating to CPA’s Archives

If you have archival materials pertaining to the history of the CPA that you wish to donate, please write to the Association’s Historian. In your letter please itemize all the materials you wish to have forwarded, and note the approximate size of the collection (in inches or feet). If any of these materials appear to have archival or historical value, and can be said to properly belong among the CPA fonds, the CPA will assist in making the arrangements to have the materials shipped to Head Office and will then forward them to Library and Archives Canada. Please do not forward any materials without having made arrangements with the CPA Historian.

Note: The CPA cannot accept personal papers as valuable as they may be. If you are interested in depositing your personal papers please contact the archives attached to your university. If your university does not have an archivist or you are not affiliated with a university you may wish to contact your local or provincial archives or Library and Archives Canada.

If you have archival materials pertaining to the history of Canadian psychology that may have archival or historical value, please look into finding a home for them. These materials will no doubt be useful to future historians and will do much to facilitate historical scholarship. Archival material may also qualify for a tax credit.

Contacting CPA’s Historian/Archivist

For information about the History of Psychology in Canada and/or the CPA’s Archival Work, please contact the CPA via email (executiveoffice@cpa.ca) or phone (613-237-2144 or toll-free: 1-888-472-0657).


The CPA Archives website was originally conceived, developed and maintained by Katalin Dzinas, CPA Historian from 2000 to 2007.

Last updated by the CPA February 2010.