Message Regarding the CPA/CPAP BMS Liability Insurance Program

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Dear Members,

We hope that you are continuing to stay healthy during this challenging time.

In early May, you will receive the 2021-2022 CPA/CPAP[1] Liability Insurance Program renewal from the program’s broker, BMS. You will see that Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) premium has increased this year. This increase is a direct reflection of increased claims, where millions of dollars of claims costs have been paid under the psychology program to defend and protect insured members.

The premium charged this year is substantiated by actuarial analysis and has been negotiated to keep the increase to the lowest amount acceptable to the Insurer to renew the policy.

2021-2022 Professional Liability Insurance coverage

Your CPA/CPAP policy is in place to provide coverage for legal defence costs and monetary judgements should a professional liability complaint or lawsuit be made against you. Each insured member can access up to $10M per claim and per year to defend against insured claims.

Another important element is the Regulatory Legal Expense coverage, where members can access up to $300,000 per claim and per year to pay the costs of legal defence associated with a complaint made to your regulatory body (professional College). This is an essential piece of coverage as more than 80% of claims under the CPA/CPAP program in any given year are College complaints, where legal defence costs can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are aware that in an effort to reduce insurance claims, other programs or policies for psychologists have removed coverage for defence against College complaints and disciplinary hearings. While this may result in lower premiums, it also leaves psychologists without the kind of insurance coverage they are most likely to need. BMS is committed to ensuring that members are provided with comprehensive coverage that represents the needs and greatest practice exposures for psychologists.

Psychologists who are members of both CPA and a participating provincial/territorial association will continue to receive a discount on their premiums. Please feel free to connect with BMS at 1-855-318-6038 or if you have any questions about the policy. To share any queries with the management of the program, contact

We thank you for your participation in this program and the confidence you have placed in Canada’s associations of psychology. Be safe, stay well.

[1] The CPA/CPAP program is available to members of CPA as well as members of the provincial/territorial associations of psychology who make up the Council of Professional Associations of Psychologists (CPAP).

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