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The latest news of relevance to and or from the Canadian Psychological Association:

  • Do you have a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology? If yes, complete the Psychology Graduate Survey now.

  • July 30, 2015 - Canadian Psychological Associations 2015 pre-budget submission. Click here to read.

  • CPA response to the American Psychological Association’s Hoffman review. Click here for details.

  • PSYence Update (Vol. 2, Issue 2) July 2015. Update on CPA's Science Activities. Click here for the PDF.

  • CPA report on the effectiveness of psychological treatments. Click here to read The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Psychological Treatments.

  • CPA-Commissioned Report on Access to Psychological Services: An Imperative for Change: Access to Psychological Services for Canada. The Mental Health Commission of Canada applauds the work of the Canadian Psychological Association. Click here to read the letter of support.

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    What's New!

    The latest news of relevance to the science, practice, and education of psychology:

  • NEW CPA is proud to have been a part of the HELPinKIDS&Adults authorship team for this new guideline for reducing pain during vaccine injections. Read the Canadian Medical Association Journal article here. .

  • NEW Mood Disorders Society of Canada has released the results of their second pan-Canadian survey. Click here for details.

  • NEW As part of the Choosing Wisely Campaign, the Canadian Psychiatric Association recommends that non-pharmacologic measures, like sleep hygiene techniques and behavioural interventions, be first treatment options in most cases of insomnia. Read more.

  • NEW The Advisory panel on healthcare innovation released its report on July 17, 2015: Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for Canada. Click here for more information.

  • NEW The Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize for Mental Health Research. Click here to learn more.

  • Canadian Psychiatric Association’s Choosing Wisely Canada Campaign calls for conversations among patients and physicians about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures. The list of 13 recommendations can be found here.

  • Occupational Health Psychology Summer Institute – Integrating Well-being Research into Workplace Practices (July 20 – 23, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax). Click here for more information.

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