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BMS logoBMS is producing an ongoing series relating to COVID-19.

Practice Disruption Insurance Coverage

Any CPA member, or any member of a provincial/territorial association of psychology, who purchased the Clinic/Business insurance package through BMS, in the year ending June 2020, and wishes information or advice about practice disruption coverage as the result of COVID-19, please contact Chris Blom at Miller Thomson  

CPA/CPAP: COVID-19 Telepsychology & Business Interruption Insurance

Canadian Psychological Association / Council of Professional Associations of Psychologists co-hosted webinar on the current state of COVID-19 Telepsychology & Business Interruption Insurance. Dr. Karen Cohen of the CPA and Dr. Judi Malone of CPAP moderate this presentation by BMS and Gowling.

COVID-19: Virtual Health Care Services
Ensuring Continuity of Care

BMS has provided a paper on ensuring the continuity of care via virtual health care service during the CORONA-19 outbreak.

“In the wake of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), health professionals are exercising all efforts possible to ensure that there is no disruption in service or breakdown in patient care. The Ministry of Health in Ontario has released health-sector specific guidelines to assist health facilities minimize the risk of infection within their respective practices.

Current public health directives advise against direct patient care in non-urgent situations. In these circumstances, health professionals may consider the delivery of health care via tele-practice.” …

Read the full position paper here: Resource_2020 (PSY).pdf

COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Position Statement

BMS has provided a position statement document as it relates to COVID-19 and insurance coverage within the CPA/CPAP program member policies.

“We continue to work collaboratively with our various stakeholders and partners including your Association to keep you informed during this evolving and unprecedented time.
This letter addresses specific aspects of policies purchased by CPA/CPAP members, including Business Interruption, Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability.” …

Read the full paper here: Statement_CPA CPAP March 19 2020.pdf

Top Three Tips for a Stress Free Twenty Twenty

As the healthcare industry migrates from paper-based to electronic clinical records, the risks associated with the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information changes. Learn how to reduce your risk from CPA’s insurance program partners. Digital Risk

Risk Management: the Digital Transformation in the Health Industry

As we welcome a new decade, CPA’s insurance program partners provide important professional liability tips for health professionals. 
Legal Tips

CPA announces a new broker and an improved program for member liability insurance

Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance: A program for the profession by the profession

CPA announces a new broker and an improved program for member liability insurance

We are pleased to announce that members of CPA and provincial/territorial associations now have access to an improved liability insurance program, brokered by BMS Group Inc. BMS replaces McFarlan Rowlands as the exclusive professional liability insurance broker for members of the CPA and provincial and territorial associations. BMS brings a new member-centric perspective to the design and delivery of the psychology insurance program, including significant immediate and long-term benefits to policy holders.

Click here for details on the new liability insurance program.

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