Advocacy for Science

As part of its objectives to promote the science of psychology, CPA and particularly CPA’s Science Directorate, is involved in a number of advocacy activities on behalf of psychology as a discipline and its members.  

CPA is a registered lobbyist organization, submitting monthly reports on its lobbying activities to the Government.

Some of CPA’s science-related adovacy activities are as follows: 

  • Meeting with various Members of Parliament set up via CPA’s Manager of Public Affairs and Communications or via the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR), of which the CPA is currently a co-Chair and a Steering Committee Member.  In addition to making submissions to the House of Commons Finance Committee, these meetings involve various MPs with an interest in research, as well as the federal Minister of Finance.
  • Liaisons with representatives of Canada’s funding agencies, in the form of email correspondence, in-person meetings, sitting on advisory panels, responding to funding issues and/or requests by the funding councils, and arranging funding-related presentations at the CPA convention.
  • The CPA is proud to have partnerships wtih various research-focussed associations such as the Canadian Consortium for Research (CCR), the Canadian Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS), and the Science Media Centre of Canada.
  • CPA staff also work to compile resources of interest and regularly attend various science-specific conferences and events, where we advocate for the inclusion of psychology in conference programs and/or bring forth the perspective of psychological science. 

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