For a number of years, psychologists advocated for a month devoted to the promotion of psychology in their communities. That dream became a reality, with the launch in February 2005 of the first annual Psychology Month in Canada.

The goal of Psychology Month is to generate grassroots activities that will raise Canadians’ awareness of the role psychology plays in their lives and in their communities. Psychology Month encourages all members of the psychology profession to connect with their communities and show them the value and benefits of their work. Ultimately, we hope to increase support for research, education and training, and access to psychological services of all types.

During Psychology Month, all national and provincial psychological associations, private practitioners, academics, scientists, and psychologists who work in health, criminal justice, schools, business, etc. are encouraged to organize local public education and outreach activities. Psychology Month is an ideal opportunity for psychologists across Canada to organize and participate in activities that will help promote the discipline. Who better able to promote psychology than the psychology community itself? It is not a job best left to others!